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Learn How to Practice at Home

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If your a keen beginner and you love your yoga class - but can't seem to make the leap into practicing at home - this workshop is the springboard you need.


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I had a great advantage in how I started yoga - I was 16 - my dad out of the blue gave me a yoga book - it was black with a guy in lotus pose on the front - I don't know why but I got into it. That was over 28 years ago. I didn't go to a class for over 12 years. The way my journey unfolded has made me realise how home practice is the most important part of yoga.

All my students love yoga class, they buy the mats, the blocks, the bolster. They come every week and attend various events. They are committed and sincere. They feel the benefits of yoga in their lives, physically and mentally. They give 100% focus in the class. However they struggle to establish a home practice - and to this end I have designed this two day course to assist those students who wish to travel further down the road than a weekly class. 

Major roadblocks to home practice include - "no time" ,"I don't know what to practice"," I might do it wrong" - " I forget" and the most human one of all " I'm not good enough!".

If you are a keen beginner and you wish to establish a home practice - which can by the way mean putting your legs up the wall once a week - add in a little conscious breathing - hey presto you are officially a yogi - you are very welcome to attend this workshop. 

You will leave with the confidence and motivation to practice at home. You will leave and you will know what to practice. You will leave and you will have a yoga ebook to remind you exactly what we did. 

Plus your weekly yoga class will be a billion times more pleasant as you will be backing everything you do in class up at home. The more you put in the more you get out. Its basic Cause and Effect.


March 24th 9 am - 11.30am 

March 25th  9-am -11.30 am

The Cost of the course is 60 euros. If you are interested fill out the form below.