"Yoga is the golden key that unlocks the door to peace, tranquility and joy" BKS Iyengar

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A teacher is only as good as her students - I currently have over 100 students - here is what some of them say about the classes -

"I have been going to Suzie Dodd for a year now for yoga classes - one on one. I am an MS patient for over 30 years and I found Suzie has helped me a lot with my health. I go twice a week and find the classes geared towards my needs. She is always looking for new things to help me and a lot of the poses hanging upside down and the giant ball for stability work well for me. I would recommend her classes for building strength and for a good laugh."

Kim Gormley, Vervine Cottage, Kinvara.

" This is my third year of Pilates with Suzie. It has become an essential part of my life. I have suffered back problems all my life due to prolapsed discs. I find Suzie's patience and experience quickly allowed me to benefit from Pilates. No one is left to struggle. With my experience I would with no hesitation recommend Suzie's pilates classes."

Mary Counihan

"I have been going to Suzie's yoga and pilates for a couple of years. I find both classes very enjoyable - always full of humour. Suzie is very aware of everyone's individual needs and it amazes me that she never forgets! Her studio looks out on the water and is the most perfect setting. She is a godsend, we are lucky to have such an experienced and fun teacher in Kinvara"

Tracy Valentine

"After many years of trying yoga, Suzie is the first teacher that has helped me to understand what it's all about. Years of attending classes where I was in pain and feeling like I was 'failing' and ' bad at yoga' have been replaced with a feeling of constant improvement and growth, learning to relax mentally and physically while doing some quite demanding poses. My body consciousness has turned form mild mortification that I don't look like and can't do what the tall skinny girl next to me can, to an understanding of why and recognition that there are things that i can do that she can't. What a relief to start being able to accept my body for what it is and celebrate its abilities and potential, and all in a positive and fun environment. Thank you Suzie!"

Helen Murray Scott.