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Mother Daughter Yoga Evening

  • 1 Cuan An Oir (map)

Join me and my 2 beauties for an evening of Mother/ Daughter yoga and fun. 



Join me and my daughters Rose and Fern for an evening with a difference over the Christmas. For many years now I've seen how work, friends, running a house, screens, kids - our lives basically - are so busy it is really difficult to get in that quality one-on-one time with the beautiful daughters in our lives. With that in mind I'm running an evening dedicated to nurturing that special and wonderful relationship called Mother/Daughter. 

What I want as a mother is to have my girls go out into the world confident and well equipped to deal with the slings and arrows life will inevitably throw at them. I want my girls to be  able to tell me what is going on in their lives. I want my daughters to have confidence in who they are, in their bodies and minds. Being a mum for over 25 years now and a yoga teacher - I truly feel the value of spending time together on the yoga mat - fooling around is really so valuable for mothers - oh and the kids like it too! Yoga is a tool for life.  

There is no need to be flexible or to have any yoga experience to enjoy this evening. This evening is about doing something a bit out of the ordinary with our girls.

What exactly will we be doing on the M/D Evening?

We will do yoga - some partner stuff and group stuff, play some games, a small art project, and  foot massage with oils. We will finish with a  beautiful heart lifting mother/daughter meditation.

The cost of the evening is 40 euro for a pair. Included is massage oil and art materials. All you need to bring is you and a daughter and a blanket each. 

Your daughter needs to be 7 years old up to any age. 

As this is an intimate night places are limited so please sign up below soon if you don't want to be disappointed.