Iyengar Yoga

Mon @ 7-8pm, 

Tues@ 10-11 am

Tues @ 7.30-8.30pm

Wed @ 8-9pm

Thurs @ 9.45-11.15am

Thurs @ 7-8.30pm


I'm a complete Iyengar Yoga Nerd - love every bit of it. I've been practising for over 20 years and have attended so many workshops and trainings all over the world - I just cant get enough of it. 

I teach lots of classes and I love them all. They are all a little bit different and they all vary from week to week. But they are all mixed level.

I have mats and all the equipment under the sun - so just bring yourself.

There are some testimonials from students on the home page.



Broga - Yoga for Men

Mon 8-9pm


A men only Iyengar yoga class - except for me - this class is very popular - the men are mostly from a sports background - cyclists, runners and footballers. All needing and getting a good stretch. There are also a few men who are looking after themselves and love yoga. As mens' flexibility and strength is so different from ladies it seemed a good idea to split the classes - although I do have a good few men in other classes. Mixed level.


Over 55's

Wed - 10.30-11.30am


Over 55's - a great class for maintaining mobility. I use chairs - no sitting on the ground for this lot. We focus on strength and hip work a lot. Some neck and shoulder stuff too. There are a few under 55's infiltrating this class..... 


Kids Yoga

Mon - 3-3.50


Not currently running. But hoping to start up again soon.

Missing my kids.



Monday 10-11 am

Wed 7-8 pm